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Welcome to the Daiichi Sankyo Partnering Portal

At Daiichi Sankyo, our pursuit of new medicines is fueled by the relentless scientific curiosity of our employees, a willingness to examine new ideas and the pairing of existing information with novel concepts. We innovate by creating new medicines, as well as new methods of drug discovery and delivery. Daiichi Sankyo is constantly developing, deepening and broadening our pipeline to address unmet medical needs.

Innovation and partnering are integral to the mission that drives us today, and to the vision that defines our future. Recognizing the value of scientific advances that are made outside of Daiichi Sankyo, we actively seek partnerships designed as effective and mutually beneficial alliances.

If you have an innovative idea and would like to submit it to Daiichi Sankyo for consideration, please click on the button below. After creating an account, you can submit information directly to Daiichi Sankyo’s Business Development and Licensing team where it will be reviewed and evaluated.

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